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President's Corner

From our president……..

Greetings to current and prospective DC/EAPA chapter members, friends and colleagues

Once again, I am both honored and humbled to be asked to lead the DC/EAPA chapter for the next two years.  Over the last two years, I have been most fortunate to have had undying support of a terrific and energetic team of leaders in Barbara Fornoff, Carolyn Stueve, Stacie Chapman, and Maia Dalton-Theodore.  They served with distinction and dedication to provide the membership ongoing continuing education and opportunities for professional networking.  On a personal note, you have been so much fun to work with and have made my tenure as president very smooth and enjoyable.  I want to recognize Carolyn for her service to the EAPA Chapter, serving in several positions over the past several “administrations”.  Thank you, Carolyn.  I also wish to thank Stacie for her continued service especially since leaving the field.  Without fail, she provided the Chapter with timely announcements and kept recorded attendance, a very critical duty.   Thank you, Stacie.  Jeff Becker continues to serve as our webmaster and had done a fantastic job of maintaining and posting announcements at the request of the board and membership.  Thanks for staying on, Jeff.  Lastly, I wish to thank our host Tom McGinty and Susan Lusi for their gracious hospitality and generosity for allowing us to utilize US Trade Center training rooms.

Two years ago, in this same forum, I mentioned that the EAP field faced many challenges both uncertain and exciting.  This remains the case.  However, today we are faced with the task of promoting emotional wellness for client organizations on all levels especially in times of great uncertainty.  In the wake of a particularly contentious and mean-spirited election campaign, the fallout remains in the form of increased tension and a waning of civility giving rise to stress, anxiety and a host of other maladies in the workplace.  We must be poised to “bring our best” to the workplace to assist those experiencing a host of challenging problems.  In addition, I ask that we be mindful of our colleagues in the field who are facing a daunting challenge in the wake of the recent devastation in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and where possible reach out and offer whatever support you can so that they, too, can bring their best to the situation.  

Over the past year, we sent out a satisfaction survey to the membership.  Although we would have welcomed greater participation, we appreciated the constructive input from those who did participate.  We received many useful recommendations and supportive comments concerning our facility and the programs offered.  As a follow-up to that, we will be working to provide the membership with up to date training on relevant topics aimed at enriching our knowledge practice of EA and we again ask for your ideas or if you know of anyone willing/wishing to speak to us, we will gladly welcome your thoughts and suggestions. 

Our team met again in August, and are vigorously working toward setting up our training program and are exploring ways to bolster attendance.  Several ideas have been shared, one of which is to add incentives to attending meetings such as having a drawing where the winner will have partial tuition paid for the annual conference.  More details to follow. 

In the spirit of transparency, we will occasionally present a “State of the Chapter” at the beginning of the meeting to inform the membership of our financial status, plans moving forward and other pertinent information effecting the chapter.  In addition, we will individually share what we do in our respective roles to give the membership a well-rounded idea of what it takes and means to serve this wonderful chapter and will actively promote your involvement in making this a strong and vibrant chapter. 

Finally, I want to welcome our new team members, Jennifer Shotlander as our 2nd VP and Cyndi Wagner as our secretary.  Both Jennifer and Cyndi bring enthusiasm, a wealth of experience and knowledge that will infuse (it already has!) new energy that will add to the remaining “veteran” squad of Barbara, Maia and myself.  We look forward to working together to serve you over the next 2 years. 




Bob Norton, LPC, CEAP

President DC/EAPA