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Monthly Meeting Schedule

Upcoming Meetings

September 21st, 2017
Topic: The Art of Retirement

Presenter: Heather Lermont-Pape
EAPA Domain III, 1.5 PDHs     

October 19th, 2017
Topic: Update on Addictions: Clinical and Beyond
Presenter: Dr. George Kolodner
EAPA Domain III, 1.5 PDHs

Past Meetings

July 20th, 2017
Topic:  Multigenerational Issues in the Workplace   
Presenter: Bernie McCann
EAPA Domain II, 1.5 PDHs 

June 15th, 2017
Topic: Critical Incident Response: An Overview of Available Models
Presenter: Steve Garnham
EAPA Domain I, II, 1.5 PDHs  

May 18th, 2017
Topic: Palliative Care
Presenters: Barbara Fornoff and Lindsey Teich
EAPA Domain, III, 1.5 PDHs

April 20th, 2017
Topic: The Evolution of Financial Wellness at the Workplace
Presenter: Elizabeth De Los Santos, National Director for the Foundation for Financial Education (F3E)
EAPA Domain II, III, 1.5 PDHs

March 16th, 2017
Topic:  Adult Anxiety
Presenter: Dr. Tiffany Lago, M.D
EAPA Domain III, 1.5 PDHs

February 16th, 2017 - MEETING CANCELLED
Topic: Update on Addictions, Clinical and Beyond
Dr. George Kolodner, Medical Director, Kolmac Outpatient Recovery Center
Domain III, 1.5 PDHs

January 26th, 2017
Topic: The Future of Employee Assistance in A Changing World
Presenter: Greg Delapp, CEO
EAPA Domain, I, II, 1.5 PDHs
December 15, 2016
Topic: Neuroscience to the Rescue: Defusing Workplace Conflict
Presenter: Dr Debra Mulhern
Domain II, 1.5 PDHs
...and holiday pot luck!
November 17, 2016
Topic: Ethics Training
Presenter: Bern Beidel
Domain I, 3 PDHs
October 20, 2016
Topic: Treating Chronic Pain Addiction
Presenter: C. Scott Doherty, LCSW-C
Domain III ,1.5 PDHs

September 15, 2016
Topic: Can My Client Keep Drinking?
How You Can Help Them Decide When Enough is Enough
Presenter: Insight Into Action Therapy
Domain III ,1.5 PDHs
July 21, 2016
Topic: Scema Therapy
Presenter: Dr. Scott Anderson
Domain__ ,1.5 PDHs

June 16, 2016
Topic: Improv Comedy Skills for EAPs
Presenter: Laurie Emmer Martin
Domain I,II, 1.5 PDHs

May 19, 2016

Topic: Threat Assessment and EAP
Presenter: Dorian Van Horn
Domain I, 1.5 PDHs